How Long New & Used Tires Last

There are different factors that determine how long your new & used tires will last. Some factors are based on the quality of the used tires & some are based on how well you take care of your 17″ Used Tires. Either way, the manufacturer that you buy it from has a stamp somewhere that states how often you should change your used tires .. so just be sure that you pay attention to it.

Usually, new & used tires can last anywhere from 25,000 – 50,000 miles. One of the easiest & fastest ways to make sure they last this long is to keep them properly inflated. When they’re not inflated, that just means that you’re going to put more pressure on them than there really should be. Another thing that you should do is get the used tires rotated, which means putting the front used tires in the back & the back used tires in the front.

One thing that you REALLY don’t want to do is drive aggressively. This means that you shouldn’t drive too fast & stop too fast. This causes for your used tires to wear out faster & makes you need new tires sooner .. which means that you spend more money that can go towards a charity or a shopping spree.

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